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My journey to Denmark on the ordinary outer level is simply explained: first, I
arrived in Australia with my wife and two daughters on the last day of 1968 . We
bought a home in Kalamunda, in the hills of Perth, while I found a job as a TV news
journalist with Channel 9 Perth.

This was all great fun but, for me the fame and excitement of television soon
became wearisome and shallow. I left Channel 9 to take up painting, then left my
wife and my two beautiful daughters to ‘discover myself’ and travelled the world to
seek out men and women of wisdom, and aspiring groups of ‘new-age’
experimentalists (going to Findhorn three times), eventually returning to
announce to my puzzled wife that as I had now (somewhat) discovered myself, I
could now come back and we could make a go of it. My insight at the time was that
if I didn’t find out who I was I would never have anything to offer the world or
anything real and lasting to give to my children. But, she said I and my beliefs were
weird and would have none of it. End of marriage.

So, I began my own community in the hills outside Perth with other break-away
rebels from the Perth Theosophical Society which was the end of being in the TS.

Our community near Chidlow - where my brother Ray, being at the time a
chartered surveyor with the Commonwealth Government, arrived one day after a
startling vision informing him he should join us (which he did most
enthusiastically) - was a vibrant attempt to create a new way of life in which
attunement to the Oneness and especially to nature was the keynote. For me it was
a wonderful learning experience in which my conditioned ego was pummelled
about as in a washing machine, being affirmed, confronted, shattered, and dumped
in a heap all at the same time. It was a true whirligig for all of us but behind it all
was this undeniable goodwill and the longing for something more real, honest and
truthful in our lives.

However, though learning much, enjoying much and helping others much, we still
had more to learn and unlearn, especially in the area of feelings denied, so after 6
years the community of Nethania came to an end, not through disruption but
through a mutual feeling that we had come to an end of our enthusiasm for ‘trying
to make the desert bloom’ and that it was time for us, as individuals, to move on. It
was the end of my dream of the perfect community!

In fact, it was the beginning of wisdom in which the true search, as I now
understand it, despite all the other highways and byways of desire and goodwill
and the enthusiasm to help others, and the fascination of being caught up in the
‘new-age bandwagon, is to discover one’s self as the Self and to be real in that

So what does this really mean? For me, now living for the past 30 years in my
beautiful four hectare home overlooking Wilson’s Inlet (where we have built a
meditation centre), it has meant an inward journey to an inner place of profound
peace out of which joy bubbles, quite spontaneously, usually as a response to an
outer situation - sometimes entirely inappropriately (as judged by others!)

The chore of this journey of self-discovery is that, in fact, there is no journey. The
conditioned ego makes it so. I, the Self, with all my other selves within the One
Self, The Oneness, the I AM, is already here. I have always been here and always
will be here. There is nowhere to go. I can, of course, go travelling in my various
selves, physical and non-physical but the essential Self, who I AM, never has to go
any where because it is always here. No journey. The paradox is, we have to go on
this journey - yes, we do have to - to discover there is no journey. Don’t try and
work out the paradox. Just accept it for what it is, and get on with your own
individual journey! That fine word ‘allowing’ is, indeed, a much better words for
love than anything else I have yet come across. And, allowing paradox to be here in
this universe and in your life is the most loving act you can perform for yourself,
and thus for others.

Of course, you cannot be fully here if you are not awake, and to be awake you have
to stop the day dreams, the stories, the internal daytime dialogue you have with
yourself which goes on and on and round and round and causes you nothing but
bewilderment, confusion, frustration and longings and all the other consequent
unease in the body. Yet, even being awake is not sufficient, you must now become
aware: needing, for instance, to be aware of how your energy relates to others and
how their energy relates to you, aware of your mission in coming to the physical
plane, aware, perhaps of your ray qualities, aware of the difference between your
intuition and the overriding longings of your ego conditioned by factors from
either this lifetime or others from the past, and aware, most importantly, of the
possible or probable results from the choices you make.

So, my insights into the all important matter of love which, when disentangled
from romantic human longings or our desire for the ever perfect relationship,
together with our well-meaning desires to help others, sex and its amazing power
to uplift or degrade, with all its hype, for me come down to three words: be awake,
be aware, be allowing.

This is my definition of love. It is easy to remember: they are the three As!
And, remember, you cannot make love. You cannot make what is already made.
Love is the glue in the universe which holds everything together. You can, indeed,
reveal love with one another but you are revealing what is already there. So, in a
relationship if you attempt to see what is already there, love will automatically be
there. And you do this, believe it or not, by being awake, being aware and being
allowing. Self-love is both self-allowing and allowing others to be exactly how they
wish to be. And, on my inner journey in Denmark this has been far and away my
most important learning lesson. It has been shown me (mirrored back to me) by
other beautiful, loving entities who live in this amazing community - and in
particular by watching nature which (have you noticed) is wondrously allowing!

My inner journey in Denmark has also allowed me to fall into two other insights.
The first is that our purpose here is not to do with ascension and becoming more
spiritual. Indeed we are as spiritual as we are ever going to be. My essence is the I
AM, the Source. How can I be more spiritual than that (which I already am)? So it
is a waste of time looking to be more spiritual for it is rather pointless (and easily
becomes somewhat arrogant) to be looking for what you already are. The key of
course is again to reveal it - to reveal what is already there. And we are here, are
we not, to reveal it in the physical body on the physical plane? So I don’t teach
ascension but de-scension. We can thankfully allow ascension to look after itself! If
I teach anything, I teach being awake, being aware and allowing! Being here! Right
here! Right now! When you are here in the physical body on the physical plane to
your satisfaction you have then made the physical realms a part of the whole and
then, behold, you are a Master of the whole, realising finally that God, The
Oneness, heaven - is just as much in the physical as anywhere else because the
whole is the whole is the whole! And God, The Oneness, the I AM, reigns supreme
as the All-That-Is even down (or should I say out) here in the dense physical
worlds of the universe.

The second insight is what is the reality behind that famous phrase so beloved by
all gurus: who am I?

This has to be the single most important question to ask yourself because unless
you have answered it to your own satisfaction you will never be at peace. The
conditioned ego will always be looking for something or be afraid of something.
Books have been written and will continue to be written until the world is truly
weighed down by books on this great subject but as I am constrained by space in
this article, I will succinctly give you my insight as to who I am. I AM Mark Sanat

Let me briefly explain this. It might be helpful to you. The I AM embraces the
whole of me just as I am, for the Oneness is both within me and outside of me as
both nothing and everything (and here is another paradox which is to be allowed!)

Mark is my human self which, with its conditioning, I have taken on to be human
and be part of the human race. This is to be allowed. I had to allow myself to be
utterly human, and I do!

Sanat Kumara is my true personality minus any conditioning factor, being the
name I go under in the non-physical realms where I usually reside upon my own
path of ever expanding consciousness. Sanat Kumara is a founding member of the
Earth Council who, with the other Kumaras and Masters, many of whom are rather
busy at this time externalising themselves both in Denmark and within other
groups in the world, have been guiding the consciousness of the human race into
the light for many long ages. It so happens it is now time for humanity to realise it
has always been so guided and loved and has at no time been bereft of help and
support. This also is to be allowed. I might say, however, that personally, for Mark
(my all too obviously human self), this was the most difficult self to accept, to
recognize, and to allow to come out and be here!

However, I have made it! I am here in Denmark with my three lovely selves,
realized: Mark, my human self, Sanat Kumara my true personality embracing the
role I play, and the I AM. We are three and we are One. And will ever be so
wherever I go in the universe. I am One and I am personality (either conditioned
or not as the case may be). And that is what I am and always will be. There is
nothing left to realise - only more to learn and understand, and to reveal, which
will go on for ever and ever.

This is my personal journey in, and with, Denmark in Australia. And it goes on!

Mark Sanat Kumara.